ETIQU has flourished to being one of the India’s most unconventional, dynamic and spirited Marketing & Advertising Organization.

Since our inception in the year 2015, We thrive to deliver excellence in service to both our Clients and Customers and today we are one of the fastest growing Marketing Organization. We cater to clients who range from blue chip companies and Charity Organizations for whom we delivering quality sales and marketing services.


Having 3 year’s Experience in Embedded Engineer, I am not finding any growth and changes in my life. Then I got the new opportunity in Etiqu to gain knowledge in Human Resource Management as whole. First I really love this environment and Management.

Etiqu helped me to acquire vast knowledge on business strategies, I found here the friendly environment and power pact. Etiqu is a good platform to enhance my skills in business, interact with people and good building block for my career.

Last but least, My vision and mission as “I wanted to be a Org head in Etiqu in before 2025”.


Being an engineer when I started my career path it was quite tough to fit myself into the business. Etiqu helped me to acquire a vast knowledge on business strategies.

I feel being a part of this organisation is the best choice I have made. After i joined as an hr executive I have enhanced my qualities and skills.

Feel more confident as an individual since I have acquired a lot of practical experiences. Moreover, the work environment is ecstatic.

This is a company wherein whichever position you are in your inputs and ideas are welcomed and appreciated; there are immense opportunities for promotions and learning…An honour to be a part of a wonderful team…  


Thinking out of the box is my character..so I’m waited for great opportunity because Nothing is more expensive than great opportunity. This firm provided that.

Initially I was failed, because the Planting day itself, cant eat fruits. But the problem is every youth like me expect immediate results.

But, Once I got promoted to next level, then only I know, I’m in little progress for big results, because that level gives responsibility to use my talents to creating best crew.

Today , In every aspects, I’m self reflected. This firm gives me a possibilities for how to be a solution..

Smooth seas dont make good sailers. So take challenges with smile..


My dream is Entrepreneur. But I born in the middle class family. I can’t invest that much money. Middle class mentality worked in normal BPO company, after that I can’t work there because of no job satisfied, after few month later I got great opportunity.

This industry is very new & Well opportunity for the Business minded people, so it’s suitable for me, because it’s totally proving the leadership, there is No seniority based company , purely performance based company, I got hope from there, because if I performed I will grow so I don’t have doubt to work here.

Initially I failed so many time, but here so many trainings given me to develop my knowledge & my skills, 1st few months I faced so many down falls, I saw so many examples there and they guide my proper way to success, After I came this industry I changed so many things in my life, personal growth & financial growth, Now I am Good position in the company…

Failure is a natural process for a massive success..